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Are you a sociopath?


Egad! You’re 44% sociopathic!

Good job! You’re within the normal range for the typical human being. As far as sociopathy goes, at least. You might still be clinically depressed, schizophrenic, borderline, obsessive-compulsive or have AIDS. I didn’t make tests for those, though. I should mention now that this test is inherently flawed, due to the fact that someone who was a true sociopath or psychopath would not be telling the truth on an online test.

Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

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    You scored 44% on sociopathy, higher than 49% of your peers.

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Can we guess your relationship status?

You’re probably in a steady relationship, and rightfully so, because you’re a total catch. At the very least, you are one of those people who enjoys your daily routine. It may not have been easy to find someone, but you’ve got something good going on. Hey, you may even want to consider marriage! But until then, just focus on having some fun!

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Which Benedict Cumberbatch Character Are You?

You’re so smart. It’s almost painful for you to deal with ordinary people and their funny little brains. People seem to really like you even though you try your best to stay out of the spotlight. Since you’re the most popular of Benedict’s roles, you embody his stone-cold appeal.

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Which Character from Shakespeare are you?

You are a tremendously complex character: thoughtful, complex, indecisive, impulsive, careless, melancholy, and more, all at once. So let’s hope you don’t die after being stabbed by a poisoned sword.

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"It’ll save you a trip to the djentist."

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Now THAT is a wedding dress. (Pic :

Now THAT is a wedding dress.

(Pic :

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